Crystal Support Candle - Grounding
Crystal Support Candle - Grounding
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Crystal Support Candle - Grounding

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Grounding is the go-to crystal kit for when you feel you need to be grounded. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, you might feel like your head is in the clouds or you are constantly in your head. Grounding will bring you back down to the here and now.

Let your candle burn until the wax has melted the full diameter of the jar, then safely remove your crystals. Wash your crystals with some warm soapy water and you can now use these as your crystal support kit!

Don't worry your crystal's have infused into the wax, so you can still benefit from all those good vibes when burning your candle

Please allow 2-6 business days for your candle to be made (shipping times are on top of this timeframe)

Our crystal infused candles come in a beautiful cotton keep sake bag with a lid for later use.

The candle is 400g and has roughly a 40hr burn time

Our Crystal Support Kits can be used in many different ways! 

- During meditation or journalling 

- Carrying the crystal with your throughout the day

- Sleeping with crystals under your pillow

- Have in your work space, or in any area you feel you need the support.


BLACK TOURMALINE - Protects against all kinds of negative energy, helping to create a positive mindset. 

RAINBOW HEMATITE - A great stone for healing and grounding, rainbow hematite activates the root & crown crown chakras, aligning the body as a whole. Dissolving negativity, this stone instills inner peace & calms the mind.

SMOKEY QUARTZ - One of the most known Crystals for grounding, creating stability it works directly with the Root chakra. 

SELENITE - Great to use whilst meditating, creating a sense of healing and grounding. This stone is also great to carry with you day to day, allowing feelings of lightness, serenity and grounding.

MOOKAITE - Helps us reconnect with Mother Earth energy. Creating a nurturing, stable and grounding sense of inner peace and knowing.